LASIK Pre-Surgical Instructions
Come accompanied by another person who will be able to drive you home (regardless of whether your surgery is for one eye or two).

Be sure that your schedule allows you to be in town one full week after your surgery is performed.

Eat and drink according to your normal routine but do not consume any alcoholic beverages on treatment day.

Please read and initial the consent forms in your white folder. Bring them with you to the surgery center and sign them in front of the laser vision coordinator. It's natural to feel a mixture of eager anticipation and nervousness before your procedure.

On the day of surgery, arrive at the center with your face washed and NO make-up, creams, lotions, perfume/cologne, hair spray, or any substance with odor. Please focus on removing ALL MASCARA the night prior to surgery. Wear comfortable clothing.

The Day of Your Surgery
On the day of your LASIK procedure, you will be scheduled to arrive at TLC 45-60 minutes prior to the procedure. During this time some tests will be performed and administrative details will be completed including: consent forms, payments collected, and any last minute questions answered. You will be given all you post-operative instructions.

After Dr. Arffa reviews all of this material with you, you will be given a mild sedative to help you relax during the procedure and sleep after your surgery. The anesthetic drops will be placed in your eyes after you are in the laser room. While he is performing the procedure, Dr. Arffa will tell you everything you will see and feel.

After your LASIK procedure, you will be taken to the recovery area where you will rest with your eyes closed for about 10 minutes. One of our doctors will examine your eyes again before you leave and answer any follow-up questions you might have. You will need to have someone with you to assist you in getting home following your LASIK surgery.

When you arrive home, we would like you to sleep 4-6 hours during which time the majority of the healing process takes place. You may experience some mild discomfort (watery eyes, stinging, light sensitivity) during this time and we want you to keep your eyes closed as much as possible to aid in your recovery.

After the LASIK Procedure
Follow-up care and eye medications are just as important to your results as your actual procedure. Periodic examinations are required to ensure that your eye is healing as expected, to verify that there is no evidence of infection, and to measure your visual progress. Each appointment takes between 5 to 15 minutes.

The day after your LASIK surgery, you will come back to the office for a post-operative examination that lasts about 30 minutes. Dr. Arffa will review your progress and answer and follow-up questions you might have. Ninety percent of patients return to normal daily activities within 24 hours of their procedure.

Patients must also use prescribed antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops during recovery. LASIK patients use eye drops for four to seven days.

Should you have any questions after your one day post-op exam, do not hesitate to call the office at 412-206-0335.

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